Tiling & Bathroom reveal – Episode four

The one haunting regret I have from our last renovation was our bathrooms. We renovated the main bathroom when we first moved in about 8 years ago, this was all before we did the “big job” on the house. I look back and now realise I must have been in a very boring state of mind. It was bland, so vanilla, run of the mill with zero personality. Rookie mistake at its finest.

My hubby Dan, being a real estate agent, is all about consistency and maintaining flow in homes. Dan’s completely right but this resulted in TWO extremely “beige” bathrooms, when it came to adding a second one years later. Let’s be honest, as a lover of colour, this was my worst nightmare! SIGH.

With all of this in mind, there was NO way I was going to make the same mistake in the norsuHOME. Looking at the finished bathroom now, some would say we pushed the boundaries to the extreme opposite and thankfully I’m hear to tell you now it worked!

As you’ve seen in previous episodes, the original bathroom was hilarious. It was pokey with an individual toilet area and the cumbersome hot water system was positioned within the room. The gorgeous green bath tub was about 80cm in diameter and wouldn’t even fit my kids (and for those who know us well, know our kids are the size of fairies)! Truth be told, it was the type of transformation I was looking for.

Staying true to the advice above, we’ve designed this bathroom with the long term plan of adding an ensuite in years to come (let’s be honest, I’ll probably do it in three months…I hope Dan is not reading this). We were determined to fill it with tiles, tapware and cabinetry that made our hearts literally skip a beat. So this is how we did it…


It wouldn’t be a norsu bathroom if it didn’t include blush tiles. This was literally the starting point for the design and everything was based around this “must have” feature. Where to go to source these beauties? The answer was easy…Perini Tiles in Richmond, Melbourne. For those that don’t already know, Perini are renowned for their extensive on trend range…penny rounds, fish scales, concrete, porcelain, matte, gloss, colour, neutrals…marble, marble and MORE marble…they have the lot!  Kristy and I ventured in, we were like two giggling girls in a candy store.

Another reason we adore Perini is because they’re qualified Interior Designers. Truth be known, we thought we knew exactly what we were after, but their recommendations took it to a whole new level…heights we didn’t think were possible. The combinations Christina pulled together were insanely good and within an hour or two our blush and marble moodboard was finalised. This is what we selected:



Kitchen Splash


The one and ONLY good move I made when renovating our last bathroom was using Sussex Scala tapware. I loved it then and I love it still today, a true testament to the superior craftsmanship of this local Australian based icon. Sussex believe the objects that fill our everyday lives should be works of art in themselves. This is exactly why we selected their products once again for the norsuHOME.

Pushing the boundaries, we selected brass for our tapware and no one does it better than Sussex. Their options are endless…brushed brass, living brass or tumbled brass and it’s get even better. When talking with Vanessa, the divine mastermind behind the brand, she casually throws it into conversation that we customise the taps to include a touch of norsu blush. WHAT THE…imagine the excitement levels…did you hear us screaming from where you live?

The colour selection was easy, the Sussex team colour match with the Dulux palette – so it’s no surprise that we chose the colour of Annabel’s bedroom – Dulux, Mornington Half. Look closely when you watch the video…our elegant brushed brass taps all contain blush coloured components. Talk about a match made in heaven. Thank you so much Sussex!

Vanity and Basins

When is came to the vanity it was time to pare it back a little. The combination of the brass, marble and blush needed to be teamed with something that wouldn’t compete or tip us over the edge. We also wanted to search for a bespoke piece that held some history. I scoured Instagram and Pinterest and it was love at first sight when stumbling across Ingrain Design in Collingwood, Melbourne.

We selected the ‘Stone & Wood’ bathroom vanity from Co-Owners Ben and Kendall. The perfect mix of soft, natural timber grain with a crisp white Corian vanity top. It’s made from ‘Hydrowood’ Celery Top Pine, reclaimed from the depths of Lake Pieman in Tasmania. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Not only does this piece hold a truckload of love, the simplicity of its minimal design, along with the innovation of Blum soft closers, makes it extremely practical for our young family. Only having one bathroom, we decided on a double vanity size with Nood Co blush sinks, in the efforts to minimise the morning fights and to ensure we have copious amounts of storage space.

Let me tell you a little more about the Nood Co blush sinks. We were first introduced to these a few years ago when our gorgeous friends Matt and Kim (talented previous contestants of The Block) and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the perfect time to use them. The guys at Nood Co believe personality, whimsy and a playful approach should be part of all product design and we couldn’t agree more. These concrete blush delights add the fun we were madly searching for.

If you haven’t met the gorgeous teams at Ingrain Design or Nood Co, do yourself a favour and head to their uber cool showrooms, both are located in Collingwood. These guys certainly know their stuff!

Every time I walk into our bathroom, I get a giddy excited feel. No longer do I cringe at the poor decisions I made, I proudly show anyone who will look. It’s fun, yet it has a sense of calm…there’s no better thing to do than relaxingly soak in the tub (with chips and a beer) gazing around at our blush, marble and brass wonderland. How lucky are we.

Tips & Tricks

This week we take a moment to sit down with Rob Perini from Perini Tiles to give you the inside scoop on where to begin when selecting the perfect tiles…

What’s the best starting point when choosing tiles?

Rob from Perini

When it’s time to make a decision on your tiles, it’s understandable to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the countless options available. Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone are common tile terms but what exactly are they and are they suitable for your home and lifestyle? It’s important to have a basic understanding of tiles on offer so you can make a better informed choice.

How important is grout colour selection?

Grout colour should not be an afterthought and left to the last minute. The grout colour you select can make a drastic aesthetic difference to the overall look of your tiles. When choosing the grout colour, consider whether you want the grout to blend in with your tiles or if you would like a contrasting effect. Grout colours have come a long way in recent years so finding the perfect colour should not be difficult. You will even find options for waterproof and mould resistant grouts.

Do you have any budget friendly tips that wont compromise the look?

Often when people renovate their bathroom they forget to consider that the floor space is often smaller in area than walls. In other words, you generally need a smaller quantity of floor tiles than wall tiles. That said, it makes sense to spend a bit more on the floors and save on the walls by using a cost efficient white gloss or matt tile. Not only will this save your budget it will provide a stylish and modern look for your new space.

What’s the easiest way to create a mood-board?

Spend some time collecting images and samples of designs, styles and colours of tiles that appeal to you. Pinterest is a great online source of inspiration and you’ll find endless ideas and layouts to get you started. Take a good look at your current space and make a list of what works and what doesn’t work so you have a clear idea of where to begin. Sometimes its easier to start with eliminating what you don’t like if you are struggling with this part.

How can you make the biggest impact without going too crazy?

Select a feature tile that will give an eye-catching wow factor when you walk into the room. This will not only provide instant appeal but will transform your bathroom from bland to grand. One thing to remember however, ensure the rest of your tiles are kept simple to balance the room. As far as decorative tiles go, there are endless possibilities so consider going with a feature that suits your individual style and personality rather than what’s currently trending.

What’s your best tiling tip?

If you’re after a seamless look with your tiles, consider going for a large format with rectified edges. The larger the tile, the fewer the grout joints and choosing rectified means the joints are narrower than normal. Tile slabs are now available up to 1200mm x 2400mm in size. One word of warning though when choosing large format tiles, ensure your tile installer is experienced and has worked with these in the past. Extra care and skill is needed to get the tiles in place and normally needs more than one tiler to achieve a good end result.

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