The Beginning – Episode one

It’s time to take myself back to the dreaded ‘house hunting’ days as we launch episode one this week. A bit like birth, I’ve tried to block this out of the memory bank, that’s for sure.

My husband Dan and I are always obsessing over houses. Dan’s a real estate agent, so let’s just say we’re a bad combo when it comes to renovating. We never quite settle – Dan, always walking through amazing homes and me, constantly dreaming of styling them.

As we started to grow out of our beloved home this obsession worsened, and we both jumped on the hunting train. Together, we spent endless nights trawling real estate websites, driving the streets of Melbourne and attending open for inspections. Our social life on a Saturday suddenly ceased to exist.

One thing that went in our favour was that we both knew what we wanted and, most of the time, we agreed quickly on whether it was a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. Quick tip: before starting the search, take the time to write a list of the ‘must haves’ you require. Have your own checklist to work off at every inspection…this way you stay on brief and you also don’t get emotionally involved (who am I kidding, I did this every time!!!).

So what were our non negotiables? Unlike most, we wanted an almost original beauty. Not only to help the bank balance, but because we’re both passionate about restoring old homes and for putting our own stamp on things. norsu is synonymous for it’s distinct Scandi style and there was NO way I was giving up the opportunity to put this into practice.

Floor plan is also a massive thing for us – Dan taught me in the early days to look for a home with a kitchen and living space placed on the back of the home. We adore open plan living and love entertaining outside, so this ‘must have’ not only supports our lifestyle, but it keeps reno costs to a minimum. It eliminates the need to change the entire floor plan.

Land size was high on the requirements list this time. We’re not a family that needs a huge home, far from it in fact, however we wanted a larger back garden. Spending time away from technology and the hectic lifestyle we’ve become accustomed too was vital to us. Our kids love the trampoline, digging holes, riding their scooters back and forth and their parents (oh yeah that’s us!) love a beer or two on the grass. Additionally, the garden provides us with great scope to extend in years to come. I’m already dreaming about phase two…what’s wrong with me!?!

Boy oh boy were we happy when the norsuHOME ticked all of our boxes. Deemed unliveable by our loved ones, we did cartwheels at the thought of it’s massive potential. We didn’t see a falling down weatherboard with overgrown garden, we visualised knocking out walls in the kitchen, widening the narrow rabbit warren like hallway, adding a huge deck where we would share amazing memories….hey I imagined every detail down to the blush tiles I would use in the bathroom. When the auctioneer put down the hammer, yelling a big ‘sold’ in our direction, we couldn’t believe our luck.

So without further ado it’s time for you to take a look. Please turn on your imagination and I hope you see the same potential we did in winter last year. Welcome to our home, the norsuHOME…put your work boots on!

Virtual Tour