Structure – Episode two

So here’s a tip…never EVER give two renovation obsessed norsu girls a hammer. It’s like waving a red flag to a bull. What started small suddenly grew wings and I’m here to tell you how.

Those who know me well know I struggle to sit still – some would say I have ants in my pants. I’m a self confessed instant gratification junkie, so the first few weeks of the reno were some of the best ever. I watched in awe as my tradie mates Sam and Kent demolished the interior of the house.

The brief for structural changes were simple: remove the old dusty heater services blocking our narrow hallway to see through to the back garden, knock out the walls in the kitchen and living room to create open plan living, and increase the size of the pokey bathroom. Within minutes of starting we could see the vision coming to life in front of our eyes. Sticking to the brief had suddenly become the hard part.

As walls came smashing down as did their adjoining ceilings. What unfolded next was like finding gold. False ceilings emerged, not just one, three levels of them. Within seconds our low ceilings grew to 3.2 metres. Can you imagine the cartwheels we did (and I’m not even coordinated enough to do them!). This was a game changer.

From here it snowballed…the new height of the hallway ceilings surely needed a width to match! Sending our builders into a fast spiralling decline, we asked them to move our bedroom walls. Lucky for us, the original bedrooms were large enough that we could steal from Peter to give to Paul. We reduced the size of these, resulting in two metre wide grand hallway. Immediate thoughts entered my mind…we MUST change the entry way to have bold glossy double doors, we can finally shop for the oversized lighting pendants I’ve always dreamt of having, surely we can add a little mud room, shall we throw in a feature barn door…are you starting to get an idea of why the builders no longer answer my calls?

All jokes aside, the greatest asset we achieved was practicality, the most vital goal for our family. We have a four year old (Harvey) and six year old (Annabel) and we needed a home where we could see them at all times. Changing the layout of the kitchen ensured the island bench now overlooks the living rooms. When we’re at the front of the house we still have visibility of them on the trampoline. It is by no means a large home but I’m particularly proud of how we best utilised the space that existed.

The norsuHOME is such a liveable home and there’s not a day that passes where we don’t feel blessed to be in it.

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