Furniture, Styling and the Living room reveal – Episode Eight

Before I knocked down the walls, in fact before the property even settled, I could envisage exactly what our home would look like at the end. You’ve heard me say it before…this obsession keeps me awake at night…endless hours have been spent styling our new space…all in my head.

Filling it with beautiful pieces is what transforms a house into a home and this week we take you on a visit to GlobeWest (our favourite “go-to” furniture showroom) where we carefully select the pieces I dreamt about all those months ago. It’s time to bring the norsuHOME to life!

For us, styling is all about adding a splash of your own personality to a space. At norsu we literally live and breathe our brand…we’re crazily obsessed with it. If you’ve seen us around the streets of Melbourne you’ll know that Kristy and I even dress the same – our wardrobes are full of blush pink and soft greys. When it comes to decorating the norsuHOME it’s no different and we have a ‘norsu checklist’ that is naturally implanted in our brains. This is what we look for:

– Create your colour palette…it’s no surprise that ours was filled with pastels, pastels and more pastels plus some contrasting stronger hues to make it all pop

– Add layers of texture…luxe velvets, breezy linens, buttery leathers, natural timbers, patterned marbles, warm wools and cozy sheepskins

– Add a little bling…metallics…have you picked up that we love brass!?!

– Cover your walls…selecting art pieces that reflect personality and that make your heart skip a beat

– Size matters…work out scale when it comes to selecting your furniture and floor coverings…if in doubt go larger!

– Overall synergy…does everything come together cohesively to tell a story and does it create a welcoming feeling.

Not only do we have our styling checklist, we also have our supplier go-to list and when it comes to furniture GlobeWest are number one on the list and we’re beyond proud to be one of their Australian stockists.

You’re probably wondering why do GlobeWest lead the charge? It’s pretty easy, for us it comes down to their product diversity and vast offering. Talented owners (and brothers!) Alan and Stephen Mendel believe that every home and every person is unique, and subsequently have curated a creative collection that suits so many different homes and styles. We always know that no matter what the brief is – coastal, country, modern, classic, contemporary or  Scandinavian – they can fit the bill. So when it came to shopping for the norsuHOME we knew exactly where to go!

The space of the norsuHOME is quite different to our last home. While overall it’s a similar size, the scale and shapes of the rooms are not the same. We needed to start fresh and buy all new furniture to create the perfect “fit” (or this is what we told ourselves any way..let’s hope Dan is not reading this!?!).

As you’ll see in this episode we excitedly ventured into GlobeWest and had the pleasure of meeting with furniture guru Giuila…we were honestly blown away with her extensive product knowledge, especially when it came to ensuring the fabrics selected were ultra practical for our little people. After gushing over every piece, we narrowed the search and selected the following pieces. I want to share with you all why we selected these…believe it or not, they’re not impulsive purchases, despite our fast paced crazy approach:

Felix Cocoon Occasional Chair. Our bedroom is our haven…the space where Dan and I relax at the end of our busy day of running around juggling our own businesses with parenthood. I wanted a place I could just sit and do nothing! Limited by space, we selected this compact yet super stylish chair. The warmth of the felt makes me feel chilled out within seconds of sitting in it.

Henley Chevron Beside Tables. With a chevron marble splash back in the kitchen, I instantly fell in love with the similar pattern on these minimal side tables. Made of stunning natural oak, there were the perfect choice for achieving the cohesion.

Vittoria Slip Cover Bedhead. Annabel’s room is soft and dreamy so I wanted a bed head that wasn’t too structured, especially to be age appropriate for our pocket rocket six year old. This relaxed linen look suits her space so well. Lots of people have asked about the size…I went a double despite Annabel having a single bed. I love the oversized appearance and the way her bedside sits in front of it. You know me, life’s too short to be beige…push the boundaries!

Sloan Marble Tri Console. Our new hallway is wide and quite grand so I wanted something very sophisticated yet understated at the same time. The oak legs look divine standing on our oak flooring and the matte marble compliments the other matte surfaces throughout the home.

Kennedy 2 seater Tub Sofa. This one’s all about fun and scale! As you’ve seen our toy room packs a punch and it’s all inspiring creativity. This sofa is pink and it’s small size fits the nook between our cupboards to perfection. Some would question our choice of velvet in a children’s area – believe it or not, Giuila assured us it would easily wiped down due its polyester fibres and thankfully she was right!

Livorno Round Dining Table. Dan’s parents are passionate about dining tables (and family for that matter!). Before we settled on the property they lovingly spoke to us about the importance of memories shared at dinner time. They don’t see it as a piece of furniture, they see it as the hub of the family where stories are told and laughter is shared. After sharing over 50 years of marriage I knew they were onto something. As you’ve seen we chose a stunning round table for this exact reason, thanks Mark and Leonie.

Daphne Dining Chair. Not only does the dining area serve an all important purpose, it’s aesthetically stunning. These soft and luxe velvet chairs contrast gorgeously against the modern design of our Livorno dining table.

Requin Bar Stools. As you’ve seen the kitchen is small so the selection was pretty easy. I wanted something minimal and un-intrusive. You know we’re massive fans of natural timbers so I was thrilled when laying eyes of these beauties.

Vittoria Mia Sofa. I never look past a textured grey sofa with oak legs. For me it’s like a comfy pair of trackies. The Mia is wrapped in scrumptious feather and the hard wearing fabric has won every time when it’s been challenged with Zooper Dooper sugary drips.

Gus Margot Chair. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be called the norsuHOME if it didn’t contain blush velvet in the living room and it even has brass legs! This oversized occasional chair is like a big warm hug.

Sketch Ingrid Sofa Chair. Unlike the coziness of the Margot, this is my favourite uber cool piece. Comprising of oak, plush textured grey cushions and wrapped in natural leather…I longingly stare at this chair when on the sofa (do I sound sad or what!?!).

Livorno Side Table. Similar to the dining table, yet smaller in stature and in black, it’s created the synergy I referred to above. Carefully cherry pick similar items that tie your whole home together and let me tell you, this one’s perfect for placing a glass of vino on!

Como Marble Coffee Table. I’ve had this piece for years and it’s the one thing I can’t part with…I change my house like I change my underwear but this one is impossible to overlook. It’s sleek yet so practical for my babies who spend hours drawing on it. It’s here to stay.

– Outdoor table and chairs. Sorry but you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to hear about these stunners!

Adding these GlobeWest pieces to our house is when it instantly transformed to a home. Before this, it felt a little cold and unloved and the second the furniture was delivered I sighed with massive relief. Layered with copious amounts of norsu soft furnishings and artwork, it came to life in front of our eyes.

I was so torn selling our last home and shed so many tears as we left. Suddenly I knew the decision to leave was right, we’d suddenly re-created that “familiar feeling”, just in a different space. I was home again.

Tips & Tricks

This week we sit down with Giulia Ballestrin from GlobeWest to discuss all things regarding practical furniture selection for homes with young families…

Texture – Nat has used a lot of textures in the home, especially velvet. What are some tips you would give to families considering incorporating velvet furniture into their homes?

There’s a big myth that velvet is not suitable for family living, but in actual fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Beyond its luxurious feel, and comfort factor (perfect for the little ones!), our GlobeWest velvet range is made from a 100% polyester fabric, making it extremely hard wearing. It doesn’t require additional scotch guarding and stains simply wipe off with a damp cloth if treated quickly.

Our Gus range is also made from a commercial standard fabric with stain resistant fibres, so you needn’t be worried that about choosing that blush pink sofa or armchair any more! 🙂

Dining tables – As Nat has a large extended family – what are some tips you could give to choosing a dining table that will be practical for everyday living within a family of four, but also meet the needs of large gatherings when required? 

When it comes to choosing a versatile dining table, it’s pretty hard to go past our Livorno round dining table. This fibre stone table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is extremely hard wearing, scratch proof, and can even be hosed down if used outdoors. We were thrilled when Nat chose this one as her main dining table. because beyond its practicality, the round shape means it can comfortably seat a variety of people around it.

The stunning teak Marina dining table which Nat has selected for her outdoor space is also perfect for large parties. It’s a deep table allowing for two people to sit on each end, and with it’s stepped in legs, it also allows guests to sit around the corners of table if need be.

Sofa – Nat’s key criteria for choosing a sofa in the norsuHOME was practicality, and durability. What tips can you suggest for selecting a sofa that is suitable for young families?

The Vittoria Mia sofa which Nat has selected is terrific for family living. All covers velcro off for professional dry cleaning, while the covers of the matching cushions zip off for cool machine washing! When selecting a colour, we’d always suggest choosing a multicoloured fabric if you’re concerned about keeping the fabric looking clean. Nat has chosen the ‘Cement’ colour way for its multi-coloured flecks of grey which makes it very forgiving for little finger prints and light stains. We also love that this sofa can suit a wide range of interior styles. It fits perfectly in the contemporary Scandi aesthetic for the norsuHOME, but will also suit those who prefer coastal & country, modern or even a classic look.

Nat was like a kid in a candy store in your showroom – admitting she fell in love with so many pieces because of their versatility. Do you have a particular style that you specialise in?

We pride ourselves on creating a range based on a strong understanding of the way Australians live. We believe in choice and product diversity, because every home and every person is unique. For these reasons, we don’t focus on one specific style, but choose to design our pieces to suit a wide variety of looks. We like to work with our customers individually to ensure their home is personal and distinctive, and reflects who they are. Developing and curating our collection together is a labour of love and everything in it is designed to inspire your creativity.