Flooring, Doors and the Toy room, Dining + Hallway reveal – Episode Seven

Do you recall the gorgeous cork tiles and the grotty carpet that surfaced our original beauty. I know it’s hard to believe, we decided to replace these for something a little more Scandi inspired.

One of the most satisfying moments of the reno what ripping up the old dirty carpet. The satisfaction lasted about two minutes though…as the disaster zone that lay underneath started to appear. Broken boards, large holes, spilt paint and an uneven surface only suitable for rolling Harvey’s cars on! The sick feeling had hit as I knew a large chunk of our budget was about to be gobbled up.

Work was halted as our builders informed us major re-stumping work was needed. The most uninspiring part of the project in my eyes but all jokes aside, probably the most important. I learnt pretty quickly that getting the foundations of our home in mint condition, meant the rest of the build would run more smoothly. We went from a crooked falling down house to achieving even floors and straightened walls, windows and doorways. After this, we were back onto the fun stuff on steroids.

Having recently fitted out our Brighton store with stunning hard wearing flooring from Godfrey Hirst, it was a no brainer when it came to where to shop. Kristy and I headed into our local supplier and boy we were excited by what was on offer.

If I was young again with no kids I would have installed floor boards in the entire space as I adore them. However, with two gorgeous little people in tow, we opted for carpet in the bedrooms and toy room. Anyone that has young children knows that they spend most of the time playing on the floor. We wanted something warm, soft, comfy and with a touch of textural design.

In our last home we had plush carpet and while lush and beautiful, I wanted something a little more relaxed in the norsuHOME…something that suits our young family and would hide the Tiny Teddy crumbs! Lucky for us, Godfrey Hirst had a range that was perfect. We selected their Hycraft Carramar carpet in Evening Grey. It’s a New Zealand wool loop pile – it looks like one of our norsu rugs, just in carpet form. Winning!

Now onto the floor boards. To keep costs down (now that I lost most of it due to the re-stumping SIGH) we needed a solution that could be laid on top of what we had. A floating floor was the solution we were after. My must-have features were…timber, light and Scandi inspired, matte finish, wide boards and extremely hard wearing for the scooters that would fly down the hallway. I instantly fell in love with their Regal Oak hard flooring collection. It’s handcrafted and has a distressed matte finish and round edges, giving it a rustic look. The stunning colours are smoked rather than stained and we selected their Doulton board which has beautiful grey knots throughout.

The combination of the wide rustic boards in our hallway, kitchen and living room, teamed with the grey looped carpet in the bedrooms really does transform our house into a home. Thank you so much Godfrey Hirst!

Not only did we transform our flooring, we took it one step further by changing every single door. Yet another quirky feature (can I really call it this?) of our original home were the doors. Not one was the same, nor were the handles on them. Rest assured, it was certainly not the look we were after.

Doors and their hardware are something that should never be overlooked during the design process; give them the attention they deserve. Every home tells a story and the first thing people see when they enter a home or room is the door. Not only do we now lovingly welcome our friends and family via our front entrance, the doors frame our now widened hallway, and they are the entry into every special room of our home, especially our babies rooms. At the risk of throwing a cliche out there, first impressions certainly do last.

When designing the norsuHOME I was in my absolute element researching what doors to use, investigating the period of the house and trawling Pinterest trying to find the ideal option. I was determined to find a door profile that respected its Californian Bungalow era, but one that also gave the home a new lease on life, with something slick and suitably Scandi inspired. This is when I found Corinthian Doors.

Corinthian Doors are Australia’s leading manufacturer of timber doors and they have an extensive range of doors to suit so many different homes! We instantly fell in love with their Balmoral range. The Balmoral design achieves an elegant minimalist look, with a touch of refined detail (found on both sides of the door) paying homage to the period. We opted for the pre-primed doors which ensured our paint application flowed with the rest of the home. For those interested, we used a Dulux gloss paint in Vivid White, creating a luxe feel throughout.

Another important tip to remember is to match your architraves and skirting boards with your door selection. Lucky for us, Corinthian Doors also supply these mouldings! These finishing touches are like the icing on a cake (was that another cliche!?). I’m a lover of high feature skirting boards, team these will stunning cornices and ceiling roses and you have the perfect space in my opinion. We selected Corinthian Doors’ Federation style which achieved this desired goal.

Throughout the home you’ve now seen we used brass tapware, and ensuring consistency with our door hardware was a non negotiable in the design process. With a desire to add some architectural components we selected the sleek Buster & Punch brass lever door handles, sourced from the UK. We combined these with local brass door hinges and together, the Corinthian doors have become a favourite part of the norsuHOME.

You’ll see that we also replaced our single front door with two grand double doors from Corinthian also, from their Classic range. Our talented painters at Top Notch Coatings helping by spraying these in a high quality two-pac spray finish. They have literally become the talking point of our suburban street.

So let’s open the doors up…it’s time for you to take a look!

Tips & Tricks

This week we wanted to share some tips and tricks for how we styled the rooms revealed in episode seven. We know you love to know where the products used are sourced from so we’ll proudly share our shopping list with you all!

Toy Room

Having a fourth bedroom, albeit on the small size, we wanted to design a dedicated space for Annabel and Harvey. Not only would it hopefully contain the plastic jungle into one spot, we’ve always wanted to provide our babies with a dedicated space they could call their own. I think both the parents and kids vote it as the number one room of the norsuHOME…perhaps for different reasons. Hint, hint.

– It’s the one area of the home where we’ve been bold and used truck loads of colour. Never wanting to stifle their creative minds and fierce imaginations, we’ve injected lots of fun pieces ranging from bright cushions through to inspiring prints. We even have a neon light from our favourite ‘uber cool’ friends at Electric Confetti.

– We wanted to make it comfy. So often Bel and Harvsta like to lounge around reading books and let’s be honest when watching the odd episode of Horrid Henry on Netflix .We’ve filled it with the sweetest blush coloured sofa, lots of floor cushions and the cupboard always contains a big fluffy doona in it for sleepovers.

– Both my kids love to draw and colour-in. It was a must-have requirement to have a small table and chairs for them to sit at for hours. We have stacks of paper everywhere (when not being photographed for Insta of course) and pens overflow in the cupboards.

– Storage, storage and more storage. We have put in more built-in kaboodle cabinetry so their mother can cope with the toys. Every night all is packed away I can assure you!

Shopping list


Our narrow winding hallway is now wide and grand. Once we opened up the space we feared we’d created something too open planned. Never fear, if you’ve done the same, here is what we did to overcome the issue…

– We designed a little ‘mud room’ area in the hallway. Not only did it successfully inclose the open hallway before entering the dining area, it’s become a super useful place for the kids to take their shoes off and an area where they can throw their school bags into. We added two built-in kaboodle cupboards and added another cute bench nook with lots of hanging space for jackets and scarves.

– We painted the area using a darker moodier tone from Dulux in Flooded Gum. This really helps to achieve a defined space. It’s opposite the barn door and we used the same colour here, so the space was cohesive.

– Don’t forget to style your hallway like it’s a main room of the house. We’ve gone crazy in this department and it’s jam packed with lots of our favourite pieces.

Shopping list


Being a small space adjoining our kitchen we need to be creative with our design. Our internal stylist team helped us and made some wonderful recommendations for making the most of the area we had. So here is what we did:

– We created a built-in bench seat, using the same easyCraft VJ panelling we have on the walls. This allows lots of kids to sit in a row and we can easily push the table in where it’s not in use. We made a gorgeous bespoke leather seat and wall cushion in a soft muted grey and of course added a pop of brass to connect it to the wall.

– We entertain a lot so a table that would seat a lot was a must have. We went for something round and we’re constantly amazed at how many people we can fit around it – our large family is impressed!

– We added some norsu flair with our statement Tracey Mock artwork. We then matched in the blue hues with some divine duck egg blue velvet Globe West chairs. Put these together and we’ve created a bit of designer magic.

Shopping list