Cabinetry/Wardrobes and Main bedroom reveal – Episode Five

Being a Mum of two young children – Annabel (6) and Harvey (4) – life has dramatically changed when it comes to renovating priorities. At the very top of the list with no close second is storage. The absolute holy grail for parents.

We’ve moved from a single fronted semi-detached home where storage was limited. Not only was every cupboard full to the brim, our living room looked like a plastic toy jungle. I’ll be honest, I became the master of pushing it all to one side to achieve the perfect Instagram snap. Little did you all know the nightmare that lay beside it.

Stepping inside the original norsuHOME it was pretty clear storage was limited again. The mission had begun, I was determined to add cupboards into every room if it was the last thing I did. The only one important factor that went against me was budget. SIGH.

Believe it or not, we’d never planned to renovate this quickly. We’d stretched ourselves financially and we’d agreed to live in it for a few years, as is. Obviously that hand shake deal lasted about 24 hours when my imagination kicked into overdrive. The only way I could convince Dan to jump onboard was to commit to affordable solutions.

Looking to keep costs to a minimum I searched every flat pack storage idea known to man. I had sample finishes sent, I visited every hardware store in the area and I saved one million ideas on Pinterest. I’ll admit, I went into this research phase with trepidation, afraid the flat pack options would be bland and somewhat unprofessional looking. Boy did I learnt quickly how ignorant these thoughts were, especially when finding kaboodle Kitchen.

I instantly fell in love with kaboodle, not only because of their extensive range of door profiles, but because they have a Paint your Own Door option. You know us well by now, we’re always looking to push the boundaries (crazy we know!). The idea of designing a bespoke flat pack option was perfect. I instantly knew that if we could select our favourite colours and paint finish, we could create some magical. This is exactly what we did.

Pulling out our favourite Dulux colour wheel (which I cary in my handbag!) we selected beautiful hues of grey that would compliment our wall colours and brass hardware. For those interested, we used Milton Moon in the kitchen, Flooded Gum in the hallway and Tranquil Retreat in our bedroom. To balance these moodier tones, we used Vivid White for the rest of the house.

I’m a lover of matte finishes in cabinetry so rather than pulling out the old paint brush myself (which you can amazingly do!) we sent our doors and end panels to NuPride for two pac spraying. I simply researched resurfacing kitchen and bathroom specialists, surely they could paint new doors too and they could! The wonderful part about kaboodle’s raw doors is that one side is already pre-finished so this cuts your painting costs in half. #winning

By now you may have jumped on Kaboodle’s website and seen they are a kitchen flat pack company. Don’t let this limit your options. We’ve used them in EVERY room of our house…storage in the living room, wardrobes in all bedrooms, cabinetry in our laundry and of course where they belong, the kitchen! We put our creative hats on and realised we could install the pantry cabinets, along with a base cabinet on top, to build the perfect wardrobes. Too easy!

To help you plan your reno, here are some important tips and tricks to follow when creating your bespoke flat pack option:

Find a company where you can purchase the pieces easily and locally. kaboodle are sold at Bunnings and believe me, we did about four extra trips there when we realised we were missing pieces of the puzzle.
– Use their 3D planning tool – it’s the bomb! We sketched out all spaces so we could visualise exactly what they’d look like in the planning phase.
– Be adventurous with your door profile selection. Obsessed with the shaker style, we used their Alpine finish in all main areas.
– Team the cupboard doors with bespoke handles to gain a designer finish. Our handles were purchased at Made Measure and ABI Interiors. They’re hot to trot!
– Get your plasterers to add a bulk head above the top of the cupboards. Ours now look completely built-in a no one believes they’re flat pack.
– Above all, lose the stigma that comes with flat pack options. We have been blown away by their flexibility, design and practicality. We would do it a million times over!

Enjoy watching this week’s episode as I sit here on the couch feeling calm and relaxed because I no longer stare at Nerf guns and Shopkins! Life is a lot better in the norsuHOME thanks to kaboodle.

Tips & Tricks

This week we sit down with Lisa Mayski, Marketing Manager for kaboodle to talk all things storage, budgets and flat pack options to get you the custom look for a fraction of the cost…

What’s the first step when starting a kitchen reno?

One of the most important and exciting parts of a renovation is collecting inspiration to map out and plan the style for the entire project. It’s a good idea to collate all of your inspiration, whether it be images, textures and materials, and then place them onto a visual mood board. This will give you a clear vision of your style and colour and will help to determine the direction, look and feel for the rest of the renovation.
Getting the layout right is also really important – make sure you mould your design into the space you have to work with, and not the space you wish you had to work with. Sometimes less is more, especially if you have a smaller sized space and by adding in that extra row of cabinets, your kitchen might end up feeling cramped.
Think about how you use your kitchen as well – for example an open plan kitchen works best when entertaining family and friends.  No one knows your kitchen the way you do so thinking about what you like and dislike are ways to narrow down options for your design.

What are your tips on being smart with storage at home?

Incorporating plenty of in-built storage into your home is a must.  This works to avoid clutter in the home and obviously creates usable spaces for everyday items, as well as pieces that you want to neatly tuck away. Using cabinetry in smart ways can also create a seamless, modern look without compromising space.
In the kitchen specifically, think about the items you use most, even on a daily basis, and plot out a spot inside each cabinet or drawer. It’s all about planning where everything will live inside your kitchen and how you can use internal cabinet storage options as a way to better store your goods. For example, if you don’t have space for an external rubbish bin in your kitchen design, why not integrate it within a cabinet instead. Or use drawer inserts to organise your drawers and wireware to give you easy access to your everyday cooking essentials.

What’s one way to make a statement in the kitchen without breaking the budget?

You can always make a statement with colour. A kitchen is the heart of the home, so the colour you choose for your cabinet doors in particular can set the tone for the rest of your interior. Understandably, most people tend to opt for a white kitchen as it’s versatile and timeless, working as the perfect base to add accent colours with appliances and decorative pieces.
But for those who want something a little bit bold, kaboodle’s paint your own doors range gives you the perfect canvas to create your own colour scheme, as you can literally choose from any paint colour on the market – it’s the perfect DIY touch to get a designer look without the price tag.

Are there benefits of going down the flat pack route?

Flat pack kitchens have come a long way and these days offer so much choice.  On-trend designs are now more accessible than ever before, with plenty of options to suit different tastes, styles and interiors.
Besides the obvious cost saving of doing it yourself, flat packed products allow you to control the process, which is great for those who are on a budget and want to purchase products gradually. With kaboodle, most cabinets and hardware as well as popular door options are available off the shelf so if you need to add or change something in your design, you can often do so quickly.
The flexibility of the flat pack system also allows you to mix and match items and incorporate cabinetry and shelving in almost every room of the house. You can think outside the box and make the product work for you!

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