Hi there, we are Nat Wheeler & Kristy Sadlier the co-founders of norsu Interiors. We warmly welcome you to the norsuHOME and thank you for stopping by this site.

You may be wondering who we are and how we have found ourselves on this crazy reno journey? So let us take the opportunity to give you a little background…

We met six years ago at our local Mother’s Group after both having our first babies at the same time. After heading back to our corporate jobs a little less inspired than we were pre-children, and discovering a mutual love for Scandinavian design, we set about importing beautiful and unique homewares and launched a little website www.norsu.com.au. Fast forward four years, and that little website has grown into a much larger website, three Melbourne-based bricks and mortar stores (Brighton, Hawthorn & Malvern East), a warehouse and a beautiful team who have become our second family.

When reno-obsessed Nat bought a new ‘fixer-upper’ family home in late 2017, we saw an opportunity to turn her renovation into a norsu project… The tired old 1920s Californian Bungalow needed work, but had great bones and oh so much potential! Within a matter of weeks, we rallied together a team of amazing tradies and suppliers, got our in-house styling team on the job, and before we knew it, we were filming, demolishing, and transforming the old girl into a Nordic inspired, blush-toned norsu wonderland, the place we now lovingly call the norsuHOME…all within the space of 5 short months! It’s safe to say we haven’t got much sleep lately! 😉


After the reno was complete, our day jobs kicked into gear, and we had some serious fun with the styling… We literally live and breathe interiors, and truly believe you can create something magical by being smart about what you put in the home.


We’ve created this site to not only share the journey, but to bring you some inspiration and prove that renovating doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In the words of

Nat ‘life’s too short to do something boring’, so let us show you how to apply some creative choices (without breaking the bank!), and hope you can find the fun in it as much as we have…

We are self-confessed interiors obsessed Mums and business partners, but most of all, we are the best of friends!!

Thank you for joining us on this crazy ride where we’ll share all of our practical reno and styling tips and tricks, and hope you can learn something along the way…

With love,

Nat & Kristy